Big New Year

As 2018 dawns, I am filled with gratitude at the life I am privileged to lead, and determined to do a better job of recognizing my good fortune at having an amazing, perfect partner, two smart, independent daughters, and a job serving my country while traveling the world. Looking down the road at 2018, it’s going to be a busy, blockbuster of a year. We will say “auf weidersehen” to Germany and “Gude” to Papua New Guinea, send our youngest off to college, and try to pack in as much travel as possible in the intervening months.

Being part of the Foreign Service means moving frequently and, unlike many of our military counterparts, it means moving our families and pets along with us. We moved to Germany in 2016, and in 2018 we will again relocate, to Papua New Guinea. Most likely we will be there for three years, making the longest I’ve lived anywhere since moving from Colorado in 2006. And with both our daughters in college, it will be the first time we move without our daughters.

While I am entertaining all the usual resolutions one makes in January – eating better, exercising more, generally taking better care of myself, more significantly I want to writemore. My current assignment offers few opportunities to write professionally, but I will be moving into writing-heavy position at the end of the year. It’s time to get my chops back and to spend time writing about the things that interest me, such as travel and history.

Onward 2018!25994849_10156124225954078_1460672478253878555_n

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